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Tax Return Preparation Services

  • Individual -- Form 1040

  • Corporation -- Form 1120

  • S-Corporation -- Form 1120S

  • Partnerships -- Form 1065

  • Sole Proprietorships -- Schedule C

  • Estates / Trusts -- Form 1041

  • Gifts -- Form 709

  • Non Profits -- Form 990

  • Amended Tax Returns
  • Delinquent Tax Returns

New Clients

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Fletcher Tax & Bookkeeping

Thank you for being our clients and welcome back.  You can come in and we can prepare your return as you wait, or you can drop off your tax documents and we will contact you within 5 business days.  If you do drop off, once we complete the return, you do have the option of discussing it with us before we get your final signatures for e-file authorization.

As always, you can fax, mail, or upload your documents to our client portal.  If you do decide to mail, please make an effort to mail in copies and not the originals.

Everyone wants to save money on their taxes.  You work hard for your money and we want to make sure you keep as much of it for yourself as possible.  Correct tax preparation and planning is the key to success.  We go beyond just tax compliance and will proactively recommend tax saving strategies as we get to know your tax situation.

We understand that life situations change from year to year.  We want to be able to help you match your life changes to any current and new tax laws to make sure you are taking advantage of all possible tax savings.

Whether you are an individual, partnership, or corporation, we can help.  We take a comprehensive view of your taxes as it relates to you and your business.  To be truly effective, we want to be your tax advisers year round, not just during tax time or at the end of the year.

Call now: (817) 451-3312

If you have never worked with us before, we would love for you to give us a chance.  For new tax preparation clients,

  • Provide a copy of last year's filed tax return
  • Bring all of your current year tax documents
  • Bring identification documents such as social security cards and driver's license or other ID
  • Complete our 2016 Tax Year Questionnaire  (You may not know all the answers but complete as best as you can.)

We will review your documents and provide a price quote before any work is done.